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What others are saying about Stewardship

Who is Stewardship

Grant Botma, Founder of Stewardship Insurance, is a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) and Jeremy Sharp, Co-Founder of Stewardship Financial, is a SmartVestor Pro.

Stewardship Receives 2016 Awards

2016 was an incredible year, and Stewardship is honored to receive multiple awards presented to the Stewardship team for 2016. The Stewardship Insurance team was awarded the 2016 “Best of Gilbert’ award in the insurance category by the Gilbert Award Program. The full...
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3 Reasons Why to Use a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker or Bank video What is the difference between a Mortgage Broker and a Bank? Why do so many choose to get a loan from a Mortgage Broker over of a Bank? The answer to those questions is this - Rates and fees are important. So is speed and approval...
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Personal Finance Tools to Increase and Automate Savings

I have had a few people ask me what are some of the best personal finance tools that I use in my own life. When I started thinking about it, I thought it would be worthwhile to share with everyone! Here are the tools that I use to help me automate savings and create...
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Why Pastors and Church Planters Should Have a Personal CFO

If you are a pastor and you are reading this, you might be wondering: Why is a financial planning company writing about statistics for church planters? Why do they care? What’s the benefit for me--I don’t have a lot of disposable income! At Stewardship, we first care...
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Introducing Financial Planning at Stewardship

Financial planning traditionally has been available exclusively to high net worth individuals.  At Stewardship, we have made financial planning accessible to everyone. Whether you are a recent college graduate starting a career and family or a retiree with the kids...
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