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Grant Botma, Founder of Stewardship Insurance, is a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) and Jeremy Sharp, Co-Founder of Stewardship Financial, is a SmartVestor Pro.

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Who is Stewardship?

What to do with your old 401(k)

Workplace retirement plans—like the 401k—provide a great option for accumulating wealth while working. Having payroll deductions makes saving automatic and easy. Plus, employers often provide a matching contribution. However, when you leave a job that offered a 401k,...
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Top Three Budgeting Tools

Maintaining a budget is the cornerstone to a healthy financial life. If you’re not budgeting, you can’t build wealth efficiently. Giving your money a place to go allows you to take control of it. This is the best way to experience financial freedom so you can spend...
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What is a good mortgage rate?

There is no easy answer. The reason being, there are many different options when obtaining a mortgage. For instance, you have to consider all of these factors when determining your mortgage: How much are you putting down? What is your credit score? Are you obtaining a...
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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Explained

Every year, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans can make changes. This includes modifications to benefits, cost, and their network of pharmacies and providers. As a result, people with Medicare have the chance to make changes to their coverage during the...
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4 Tips to Save Money This Week

I know for me, the intention is always there to save money, but life happens. I sometimes used to find myself scraping by as the end of the month approached. I wanted to share some quick tips to help you put some money away to make sure that isn’t the case this month,...
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