Your Money. Well Rooted.

Mortgage, Insurance, and Financial Advisors serving you with wisdom and love.

Your Money. Well Rooted.

Mortgage, Insurance, and Financial Advisors serving you with wisdom and love.

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Come to our relaxed office, talk over the phone, or connect via video to discuss your needs.

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Hear a personal solution from a licensed professional that can be executed together.

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Allow us to genuinely put your needs first as we love you through a financial service.

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Live a life where your personal finances enhance life for you and your loved ones.

Discover Why Stewardship Is Different

Discover Why Stewardship Is Different

Our Core Services

Stewardship Mortgages


Clear and transparent guidance for big decisions

Stewardship Insurance


Protection on your assets from the unexpected

Stewardship Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Partnered planning to protect your income and legacy

Stewardship Investment Management

Investment Management

Building wealth for a prosperous financial future

Grant Botma, Founder of Stewardship Insurance, is a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) and Jeremy Sharp, Co-Founder of Stewardship Financial, is a SmartVestor Pro.

We will meet with you on your terms. In our comfortable office, over the phone, or in a video web meeting. The meeting and the advice are always free.

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Most people have uncertainty in their finances.
At Stewardship, you have Wise Advisors who care about you.
Work with Stewardship and experience peace in your finances.

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Why is My Dwelling Coverage Different than the Value of My Home?

If you’re buying a house, you likely have a good idea of what it’s worth. Between conversations with a realtor, the purchase contract, and the appraisal, there are several pieces of data that help you understand the home’s value. As part of the purchase process, you...
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Five Questions for Financial Advisors

Thinking about hiring a financial advisor? Here are five questions to ask potential advisors to help you determine the best fit. 1. What services do you provide? Not all advisors are the same. Some are investment-focused and others are focused on helping you through...
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Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a House

You may have heard horror stories from people who have been through the mortgage process. In reality, obtaining a mortgage can be complicated. Below are some things to do and not do to help ensure those complications don’t create a bad experience for you. DO NOT...
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Renovation Home Loans

Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, many people wonder if performing a property “flip” is suitable for them. Because of this, we get numerous questions about renovation loans. Though it looks pretty simple thanks to HGTV and their great editing team, renovation loans...
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