Have you ever sought the help of a coach or mentor?  As kids, we had a coach on our sports teams.  As an adult, you might have hired a personal trainer at the gym, a nutritionist to help optimize your eating habits, or enlisted the guidance of a mentor in your career.

In all these examples, your coach acts as a guide to help you get better at a particular skill.  Then why wouldn’t you consider hiring a coach to help you get better with money?  After all, having power over your finances is just as important as your physical health and success at work!

The goal of financial coaching is to help you gain financial freedom. In turn, this allows you to be able to build wealth and live generously.

Our Stewardship financial coach can help you:

  • Build a budget that works
  • Eliminate debt so you can free up cash flow
  • Work through a financial emergency
  • Find financial efficiencies that you may not have thought of

Are you ready to restore power over your finances?  Are you ready to build wealth?  Take the first step to financial freedom by chatting with our coach!

Do you still have questions?  Here are a few common ones…

Am I right for financial coaching?

  • Are you dedicated to change?
  • Are you ready for commitment?
  • Are you willing to practice what your coach recommends?

If so, then yes!

What qualifications does your coach have?
Our coach is a certified Dave Ramsey financial coach, meaning he’s spent time in-person being trained with Dave’s team.  You’ll hear a lot of the same principles that Dave shares on his radio show or from Financial Peace University, but with a personalized level of detail.  If you’ve gone through FPU but still struggle to make progress, financial coaching may be right for you!

How do your financial coaching and financial planning services differ?
Financial coaching addresses some of the basic, but most vital, areas of financial planning, including budgeting, saving, debt reduction, and motivation.  Our financial planning service offers comprehensive financial planning, which includes investment advising.  Because of the breadth of services offered, our financial planners are licensed as Investment Advisor Representatives and are regulated by the states in which we do business.

If you’re interested in one-on-one financial coaching to help you experience financial peace, we can help! Schedule an appointment with our Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach, Ryan Delviken below.