Helping Pastors with Financial Planning

Helping Pastors with Financial Planning

Partnered Financial Planning

Helping pastors succeed with finances

Your pastors need a unique approach to financial planning. We partner with your team to provide ongoing financial planning that is comprehensive and confidential. The outcome is a pastoral staff free of financial stress that can lead their ministries with confidence.

How we help pastors

Partnered Financial Planning

Pastors are routinely under financial stress. However, you might be questioning whether you need a financial planner. Traditional financial planners work with high-net worth people and use uninspired methods. Stewardship’s planners use a Personal CFO methodology to make real changes in your family’s financial life.

Our Personal CFO service is the easiest and most logical way to create financial efficiencies that will help you get on track and prevent  financial mistakes in the future.

Ongoing service.

We’re committed to offering you ongoing support. This is why our service is offered as a subscription. You stream Netflix with a subscription, are paying for a monthly gym membership, and can subscribe to things like easy-to-cook meals and razor blades for a monthly cost.

Why not subscribe to financial advice in the same way?

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