Health insurance costs have greatly increased.

Stewardship can save you thousands of dollars per year.


The Affordable Care Act has increased the cost of individual health insurance. Fortunately, Stewardship can offer you an alternative that is affordable and in compliance with this new law.

Medi-Share offers a unique solution to the current health insurance chaos.

A sharing program, though not health insurance, has similar features.

Every month members share a contribution (similar to a premium). A member pays for his own medical costs until an annual limit is met (similar to a deductible). After that, medical bills that meet the program’s standards for eligibility are shared by other members’ contributions.

In addition, members receive an ID card and present it to their provider before receiving medical services. Providers submit the bill directly to the sharing program for processing.

Joining Medi-Share can save you thousands of dollars per year! Talk with us to compare costs with traditional insurance and explore whether you would be a good fit.

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Ryan Delviken

Ryan Delviken

Insurance & Estate Planner:
Stewardship Planning

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