Everything was amazing. I was about to go with another mortgage company when Brian explained to me how mortgage companies offer rates compared to how Stewardship offers rates, and I was floored! I loved how transparent they were, and even though my costs would have been almost the same with another company I chose Stewardship. There was lots of delays toward the end, and we weren’t able to close on time, but not by the fault of Stewardship. Great company. Julia – thanks for your review! We are so grateful for your positive words about Brian and the product (rate) you obtained. What a cool thing to have the lowest rate possible for such a long term commitment!!! As the owner of the company I want to extend a personal apology for the delays at the end of the process. Although it was not our fault (as you mentioned) you still deserve an apology and love. Julia – from the bottom of my heart I am sorry for the delay you experienced in your transaction. Those delays can be VERY frustrating when purchasing a home and I do not wish them upon anyone. Thank you for your support of us. Congratulations on being a homeowner!!! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to serve you. Grant Botma